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There are some general principles about cavity formation. Back teeth (molars and premolars) play a crucial role in breaking down food before swallowing. They have multiple crannies, pits, and grooves that trap food particles. Plus, they are harder to clean and can quickly turn into a hub for plaque. These factors make them more prone to decay and cavities.

What Causes Cavities?

The enamel is the most mineralized substance in your entire body. It covers each and every tooth and is made up of minerals, mostly hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is known as a bone mineral, but it is the carbonated calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite that makes up dental enamel and dentin. Calcium also plays a key role in bone formation, lending your jawbone the necessary strength and structural integrity to contain the tooth roots in their sockets. Since both enamel and bone wear out with use and over time, the body must keep producing these materials. Any time you eat or drink sugary or starchy foods. bacteria in the plaque on our teeth begin to produce acid, then this acid eats away at the enamel. When your mouth is below the normal pH of 7 you are more acidic and you lose natural minerals on your teeth. The more often you eat or drink sugary or starchy food the more the acid continues to form from the plaque on your teeth. It takes 30-60 minutes after eating or drinking for the pH in your mouth to return to normal. The sooner your teeth can start the re-mineralizing process the better.

Saliva Is Our Friend

Saliva production acts as a lubricant for the oral tissues, enabling the function of speech to be smoother. The production of saliva also helps to protect your teeth from tooth decay since it helps to dilute any dietary carbohydrates you eat, neutralize the acids from plaque, and remineralize your tooth enamel. The same minerals found in our teeth are also present in saliva, so after you eat, saliva helps add calcium and phosphate back to the teeth. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste also helps and drinking tap water with fluoride also helps. Check your bottled water for fluoride content 0.17 milligram to 0.21 milligram is a healthy amount. As a result, the next time you eat sugary or starchy foods your teeth can use the fluoride minerals in water or saliva to create a stronger and more decay-resistant enamel.

The Time of Day You Should Be Brushing Your Teeth

The best time to brush your teeth in the morning is when you first wake up. Bacteria can build up overnight, leaving a bad taste in your mouth and film on your teeth. Brushing first thing in the morning will get rid of bacteria and jump-start your saliva production for the day. If you like to brush after meals wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush. Brushing immediately after a meal will remove those helpful minerals in our saliva. Just rinsing after eating, drinking water, or chewing sugar-free gum can help increase saliva flow keeping your teeth healthy. Brushing twice a day is highly recommended to help remove harmful bacteria and particles from your mouth. However, you can elevate your routine by brushing the first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep.

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