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Through x-rays and scans of the mouth and jaw, dentists can predict problems with your wisdom teeth before they arise. You may not have pain when your dentist recommends an extraction. Wisdom teeth are the third molar in the very back of your mouth. If they grow in completely, with correct biting, and are able to be cleaned as part of your regular hygiene, wisdom teeth are no problem. However, your dentist may see that the wisdom teeth are growing in at various angles, sometimes horizontally, and can lead to serious problems.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Serious Problems If…

  • The wisdom teeth are hard to keep clean and cause cavities that cannot be restored.
  • If the x-ray shows that the wisdom teeth do not have the proper amount of space to emerge they can damage other teeth and should be extracted.
  • If the wisdom teeth stay hidden inside of the jaw and become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts and tumors
  • If the wisdom teeth emerge partly through the gum they can allow bacteria to grow, increasing chances of gum disease or infection and lots of pain.

Most dentists like to remove wisdom teeth in persons late teens before the roots are fully formed. This makes for an easier surgery and recovery. It will eliminate negative side effect of wisdom teeth. And is an excellent preventative measure.

Problems You Could Experience If You Still Have Wisdom Teeth…

  • Pain and infection behind the lower last tooth in your mouth.
  • Gum disease
  • Extensive tooth decay

You should see your dentist as soon as possible if any of those problems exist. If you still have your wisdom teeth, even if you are not having problems yet, you should talk to your dentist about their position and health.

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