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Regular dental check-ups are a critical part of keeping both your mouth and body healthy. While people choose to visit a dentist during an emergency, you must get routine checkups to avoid painful conditions that negatively impact your lifestyle. The following is just a refresher on what to expect at a dental checkup.

Preparation For Your Dental Checkup

If this is the first visit to a new dentist or if it has been a long time since your last visit, there are things you should bring with you to the new provider.

  • A medication list
  • If this is a new provider, bring your past dental records or ask your former dentist to send your past records to the new dentist.
  • If you have health issues, you need to inform the dentist and bring any records you think may be important.
  • If you are afraid of the dentist, let the office know so they can make your checkup as comfortable as possible.

The Dental Office Check-In Procedure

Every office has a regular procedure of patient check-in, but this is the general version of the check-in procedure.

  • A receptionist will make sure the office has all the information needed for a successful visit.
  • Health history
  • Insurance information
  • Medication information

One you are checked in; you will have a seat in the waiting room until a dental assistant takes you to the back for your dental exam.

What Does A Dental Checkup Include? 

Your dentist must provide you with the most excellent possible care. They will first advise you to be calm and then give details on the procedures. Try to not become stressed. Instead, be patient and pay close attention.

Here are some features that your dental checkup will include:

  • X-rays: This helps the hygienist and dentist see things he or she couldn’t see about the condition of your teeth, jaw, and gum line.
  • Evaluation: During this evaluation, the dentist is looking for signs of gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer. The dentist will educate you and recommend treatment to achieve your oral health.
  • Treatment:  After the evaluation, you will probably have your teeth cleaned. The specialist will begin cleaning your teeth. Plaque or tartar is a transparent layer of bacteria accumulating on the teeth. There will be a visible difference after the cleaning process is finished. The doctor will also suggest you regularly floss between your teeth. Polishing is used to make teeth appear smoother and brighter. After the cleaning, take the opportunity to ask any questions about your next appointment, your oral care, cosmetic services, or any pain that you’ve been feeling.

The Final Step Will Be To Pay For Your Appointment And Schedule Your Next Visit

The office staff will help you with any financial questions and if you have dental insurance, they will tell you your co-pay. They will then schedule your next appointment. If your dental work is going to be expensive, they can give you information about options such as Care Credit which is a type of credit card resulting from a partnership of lenders and healthcare companies to help consumers pay for dental care.

We hope you feel more prepared for your next dental checkup. Your oral care is an important part of your overall health and your dental office is there to help you.

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