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Modern materials and improved techniques mean that dentists are able to virtually eliminate pain from dentistry. And by visiting the dentist regularly problems can be spotted early and resolved before any pain or infection occurs. A toothache is definitely more painful than seeing your dentist! However many patients still have a fear of the unknown, dental anxiety, or fear of the dentist. A lot of procedures are sedation extractions or have local numbing anesthetic, so the patient should not really feel anything more than discomfort.

Discomfort and Swelling After a Dental Procedure

Swelling is common after certain dental procedures, particularly tooth removal (extraction) and periodontal surgery. Holding an ice pack—or better yet, a plastic bag of frozen peas or corn (which adapts to the shape of the face)—to the cheek can prevent much of the swelling. Swelling indicators healing and with swelling comes soreness and some discomfort. The swelling should discontinue after about 3 days. Follow the prescripted regimen your doctor gave you. Prolonging and putting off dental care creates the need for more complex procedures. Visit your dentist every 6 months and listen to the advice of your professions to prevent more serious issues and complications.

When to Contact Your Dentist After a Dental Procedure

Serious pain could be a sign of a larger issue. Your doctor should know if you are in serious pain immediately. They will give you a treatment plan to correct your pain. If you had a cavity in your tooth, your dentist will probably recommend a filling. Fillings are safe and effective, but some people might experience discomfort or tooth sensitivity afterward. Most of the time, this sensitivity is normal and will resolve within a few days. You might have the most pain in the first 24 to 48 hours after your dental surgery. Some soreness or discomfort at the site of the surgery may last for 3 to 5 days. The amount of discomfort is different from one person to another and from one operation to another. It is very important to complete all the medicine prescribed to you as instructed by your doctor. Even if you are feeling well, please take all the medicine prescribed.

Skipping dental checkups and cleanings often result in the need for restorative care, and the longer you avoid the dentist the more likely you are to need expensive, lengthy treatments.

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