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Everyone who visits their dentist regularly knows we need updated x-rays now and then, but how safe are they? Although we may place a thick vest on your chest when you get your teeth x-rayed, we know it’s perfectly safe. Not only are they safe, but they are also necessary to see all of the things we can’t see during a normal exam. We need x-rays to see the roots and bones in your mouth, and you have no reason to worry when getting an x-ray!

Why The Fear Of X-Rays?

Some people ask questions about the safety of X-Rays because of the exposure to radiation. The amount of radiation in a dental x-ray is extremely minimal! In fact, we are exposed to very small amounts of radiation throughout our daily lives. Radiation is measured in rem, but what humans are exposed to is measured in mrem, standing for milli-rem (one thousandth smaller than a rem unit.) One flight across the country will expose you to a few millirems, and things like an airport scan, eating a banana, and even just standing next to another human will expose you to a tiny fraction of one milli-rem!

Over one year of our life, you can expect to be exposed to two to three hundred milli-rems in total. One dental x-ray only exposes you to 0.4 mrem (milli-rems)! They are super safe!

Why The X-Rays Are So Important

The tiny fraction of radiation we are exposed to during a dental x-ray is so miniscule, that it is certainly worth the benefits of the information your dentist gets about your oral health! Again, dental x-rays tell all about the things in your gums, teeth, and bones that can’t be seen during a visual exam.

X-rays are not typically needed at every visit! Call your dentist today to schedule your exam, now that you are worry free about the dental x-ray!

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